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Role - Lead Designer

Client - Honda

Agency - Confidential

The Honda Civic has been Canada's top-selling car for the past twenty years, it was time to reimagine how it looked on the web.

In 2016, as part of a larger project pitch, I was tasked with redesigning a vehicle specific page of the Honda Automobile website. After exploring the site, and the vehicles, I chose to focus on the Honda Civic Coupe.

The main goal of this redesign, was to conceptualize any extra features and functionality that could enhance the experience while educating the user about Honda vehicles in an interactive way.


Dominating Imagery

Beautiful imagery is an attractive factor for all users. By leveraging the bold and dramatic photography, it helped elevate this concept and support the Civic Coupe’s urban personality.

Interactive Elements

Utilizing a 360° rotating product that had hotspots, an image carousel, as well as a video, the user could explore and learn about the vehicle in more detail without being overwhelmed with extra content.

Expandable Details

If a user engaged with a hotspot, a modal containing more information on that specific feature would appear. In addition, a gallery/video would be included to provide the user with some visual context.

360° Interactive Vehicle

02. Final Design