Due to certain obligations, any identifying information has been removed and/or replaced.

Role - UI Design + UX Strategy

Client - Confidential

Agency - Onyx Creative Studio

At its core, Engine was a content management system but it had the potential to be so much more.

This project was for a telecommunications news and information provider. Industry leading service providers and suppliers turn to them to stay informed of all market demands, government mandates, technical advances, and industry trends. They use Engine, their proprietary web application, to manage and publish all of their editorial content and web pages.

01. Understanding the Scope

The current iteration of Engine was problematic and stifling company growth. It needed to be reimagined from the ground up and into the tool that it was set out to be - an intuitive web app that facilitated a streamlined editorial process.


Many of the users cited an exhausting process that required an unnecessary amount of software. The team used a different tool for certain things which was a clear pain point.


Accessing content was inefficient, the most common impediments mentioned in interviews were related to accessing content through navigation systems.

Engine was pieced together using several different programming languages. This resulted in constant crashing and was ultimately unreliable.

Approximately 89% of users only used it to upload final content that was created else where. This resulted in a scattering of resources and files.

Due to its issues, the majority of users wanted to spend very little time using the application.

1. Streamlined

Improve the user flow, system architecture, and the navigation systems to provide instant access to content creation, article submission, and customer information.

2. Collaborative

Encourage communication within the editorial team through chat interfaces and other project management features.

3. New Tools

Incorporate new tools and features that could eliminate the need to use so many separate third party applications and bring the experience under one roof.

02. Structure & Flow

In order to deliver a smoother user experience, and ensure that project goals were met, the information architecture had to be rethought. The new user flows addressed concerns that were raised in the research stage regarding content and system accessibility, and the potential usability of new and existing features.

Information Architecture

Detailed navigation that allowed the user to quickly and efficiently access the necessary sections throughout the application.

Reorganized Elements

Important elements are sectioned off better and easier to access, resulting in a more efficient workflow and a more enjoyable user experience.

Supplementary information is placed lower in the hierarchy of the pages for optional, but unobtrusive, access.

  • Calendar System
  • Contact Directory 
  • Content Management
  • Customer Relationship
  • Digital Notes
  • Email Communication
  • File Management
  • Member Directory
  • Project Management
  • System Analytics
  • Task Management
  • Team Chat

Global Search

System wide search that allows the user to quickly identify the item they are searching for rather then dig into the specific section it may relate to.

Ability to quickly execute common tasks via hidden slide out menu or a dropdown list throughout the application at any time.

Elements providing information such as email, article status, shares, and comments can be interchanged based on user needs.

Detailed Glances

Global notifications include brief details such as what type of notification it is so the user can act accordingly.

03. Visuals

Taking inspiration from several sources, we set out to design a clean and sophisticated style that was comfortable to use and leveraged it in a way that helped create a familiar environment. 

04. Final Thoughts

The new Engine is a modern, all-in-one, application that will increase efficiency, collaboration, and team communication. Being able to redesign Engine was incredibly rewarding, it forced my team and I to reconsider many of the application’s intended functionality in order to create a great user experience.

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