I'm a Digital Designer with 10 years experience in the digital world.

I studied Fine Art, but the digital world has always fascinated me. I started out as a freelance designer when I was studying at Sheridan College.

Over the past decade I've been fortunate enough to have collaborated with, and at times, manage, teams of digital artists at a handful of Ontario’s most influential design agencies while we worked on some incredibly unique projects, for some of the worlds largest brands.

My portfolio of work runs the gamut from brand identities and interactive websites to publications, software UI/UX, environments, and installations.

Jun '17 - Present

Lead Designer / Form & Affect - St Catharines

Jan '17 - Jun '17

Lead Designer / Candybox - Mississauga

Jul '12 - May '16

Design Director / Onyx Creative Studio - Niagara Falls

May '10 - Jul '12

Admin. Advisor / Consulate General of Canada - Buffalo, NY

May '09 - May '10

UI + UX Designer / Consulate General of Canada - Buffalo, NY

Sep '07 - Today

Freelance Designer + Art Director

Sheridan College

Visual & Creative Arts

Sheridan College

Art Fundamentals

2017 - CSS Design Awards Jury Panel

Coda, Craft, Illustrator, InDesign, InVision, Photoshop, Sketch, HTML & CSS

I'm always interested in hearing from new people and about new projects. Give me a shout at salsidani@gmail.com or you can find me online.


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